Recruiter Training Client Feedback

At the end of every recruiter training program, participants complete course evaluation forms and provide details regarding  program content, instruction, instructor knowledge, and course applicability. Attendees are also asked to rate the extent to which the program delivered value, (Was the program worthwhile?  Did they obtain new insights on methodologies, approaches, and specific techniques that will enhance their ability to recruit more effectively and efficiently? What program content areas were most compelling?  What techniques and strategies do they intend to deploy upon returning to the office?  What aspects of the program could potentially be improved?).

Recruiters at all levels of experience consistently endorse the “High Impact Recruiting”© program as being among the best professional development programs they have ever experienced.  We are extremely proud of the fact that program attendees consistently assign a superior rating to ART’s recruiter training programs.

A compilation of these feedback forms appear below for your review and consideration.  Click on any of the links below to view scanned PDF Client Feedback Forms completed by individuals who have attended Advanced Recruiting Trends Training Programs

(And yes, there are thousands more where these came from!).