The Intelligent Interview® Training Program

Program Details

The Intelligent Interview® is an essential corporate interview training program for professionals seeking to master critical talent assessment and evaluation methodologies. The Intelligent Interview® training program equips Recruiters, HR professionals, Hiring Managers and others involved in the talent selection process to consistently make better hiring decisions while avoiding costly mis-hires.

The Intelligent Interview®  addresses a variety of candidate interviewing best practices that are key to designing and facilitating a superior and replicable talent selection process. If you want to enhance your interviewing skills, or elevate your company’s interviewing processes, The Intelligent Interview® delivers tremendous ROI.

Hiring the wrong person is expensive. Conservatively, he cost of a mis-hire is anywhere between 1x – 3x the total compensation of an employee who must be replaced.  Some studies suggest that depending on the role in question, the cost of hiring the wrong person could be substantially greater. Having a thoughtful, deliberate, and well-prepared interview game plan not only leads to better hiring decisions, but also a reduces the likelihood of having a mis-hire or a regretted hire.

Interview Training Content Areas

The Intelligent Interview® is a 3-hour course that is facilitated in two 90-minute sessions. The Intelligent interview is a tremendous corporate interview training program that is loaded with interviewing and talent acquisition strategies and best practices. Representative topic areas include:

  1. Designing the optimal interview process for your organizations openings;
  2. Interview formatting options and set-up (i.e.: Phone Screens, 1:1’s, Panels, Case Studies, etc.)
  3. Interviewing legalities – avoiding illegal questions and inappropriate discussion topics;
  4. Understanding and avoiding implicit bias in the interview process;
  5. Position calibration/in-take discussions and interview process alignment strategies;
  6. Designing/utilizing competency-based & behavioral interviewing questions;
  7. Optimizing the candidate interview experience and managing candidate expectations;
  8. Interview evaluation and scoring methodologies – assessment design and utilization.
  9. Capturing, understanding, and leveraging interview metrics for process optimization;
  10. Providing interview feedback to candidates (favorable/unfavorable), record keeping & logistics.

Looking to significantly upgrade your interviewing and talent selection skills? The Intelligent Interview® will help you to elevate your candidate assessment skills, better utilize structured interviewing approaches, and avoid making costly hiring mistakes.

Who Should Attend: 

The Intelligent Interview® is a corporate interview training program designed for recruiting & human resources professionals & hiring managers who wish to elevate their interviewing and talent selection skills.

Program Format:

This is a live, instructor-led interview training program that is facilitated online. This course is extremely interactive, containing a variety of interviewing and talent selection case studies, as well as a variety of  simulation scenarios. Tuition includes a comprehensive program workbook and access to electronic tools and templates.

Program Price:

Tuition is $425.00 per person. Multiple attendee discounts are available (contact us below for details). All major credit cards accepted


This is a Live, Instructor-Led Program. The program is facilitated in (2) 90-Minute Sessions. The program is facilitated as a 1:1 training offering (where we specifically work with one client organization per session). We do this because a component of the training program is specifically oriented to evaluating existing talent selection and candidate screening and interview strategies that are actively being used in a client firm’s environment. This enables us to make client-specific recommendations on talent selection and interviewing enhancement strategies/opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about this course or wish to schedule dates to complete the program, please contact us directly at 540-882-4442 or at

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