So, How Do We Stack Up?

At Advanced Recruiting Trends, what matters most to us is whether the people who complete our professional development programs, Recruiters, HR, and Talent Advisors, feel that we delivered value and helped them to do their jobs more strategically, effectively and efficiently.

We are beyond gratified that professionals at all experience levels consistently endorse our training programs. Candidly, we never tire of hearing a program attendee remark that “High Impact Recruiting”® or one of our other courses was among the very best professional development experiences in their career.

We are proud of the fact that participants consistently assign superior ratings to ART’s programs in the areas of Course Content, Instruction, Instructor Knowledge, and Applicability. Outstanding ratings in these four measurement areas let us know that we are equipping professionals with timely talent acquisition information, insights, and techniques that are valuable, and deployable.

Finally, we are very grateful that program attendees consistently express their appreciation for a program facilitation style that they regard to be energized, engaging, and inspiring. For us, knowing that program attendees genuinely enjoyed their entire learning experience is the icing on the cake.

Read below to find out why professional recruiters and managers from Fortune 20 companies to small boutique search firms rate our programs so highly and willingly share their own testimonials regarding their experiences working with Advanced Recruiting Trends.

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“The “High Impact Recruiting” program was great. I had looked at several training programs, and am really glad I chose this one. Paul did a great job of tailoring the material to the needs of the group and was very willing to answer questions both inside and outside of the training sessions. The program was definitely worthwhile – very interactive and informative. The program format provided great material to apply weekly without overwhelming us with all the material in one session.”

Brooke Freeman, Recruiting ManagerStrategic Vision Consulting

“I found the High Impact Recruiting Series to be very beneficial.  I enjoyed the ease of the webinar format, and Paul does a great job keeping the information interesting and engages the student rather than just lecture the entire time. I think that the program is particularly relevant to those recruiters who are looking for new ideas beyond passive recruiting (job boards, etc.).”

Erik Leopard, RecruiterMethodist Health

“I really enjoyed my training experience and it was worth every bit of my time. This training was extremely beneficial to me, and hit on all the important points that I was looking for. I think this training could be very beneficial to both new and seasoned recruiters – there were a lot of great concepts that were covered that I think many recruiters struggle with…”

Katie Brickel, RecruiterNetshape, Inc.

“I found the High Impact Recruiting Webinar Training Program to be very interactive and enjoyable. It was well worth the time investment. I believe that the material covered will be very beneficial to me in upcoming recruiting efforts.”

Mitch Williamson, RecruiterReliance Aerotech

“Paul, Thank you for a fantastic day of training. I have been receiving unsolicited comments from attendees about how valuable they found your program.”

Robin Mee – CEOMee-Derby (Education Chair/Past President – Capital Area Staffing Assoc.)

“Hi Paul – I met you at the Georgia Association of Personnel Services Annual Conference and wanted to say that the information you provided on cold calling was the best that I’ve ever seen. Thanks!”

Sherrie Nacke, CPC – Recruiting SpecialistHire Dynamics Rx

“Paul – So I thought I would send you an email to let you know that from using your tactics, and implementing them with my persona, I have found much success. I acquired 8 new clients this week, contract signed and ready to begin. Many thanks!”

Kevin Romer, RecruiterEDP Resources

“Paul – Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been trying the voice mail and cold call scripts you covered and have already had some initial success with both. I’ve managed to have a good dialogue with a person or two who was pretty “cold” to my firm previously. Thought you’d like to hear….thanks for the helpful tool.”

Dave Maturo – Executive Search ConsultantAttolon

“The course was absolutely worthwhile. I learned some great approaches to identifying passive candidates. Excellent facilitator with a great sense of humor. Very relaxed environment.”

Caroline Wolf – Senior RecruiterCelerity IT

“I felt this course was an excellent investment. Time was managed effectively, course material was entirely applicable, and Paul did a great job of engaging the audience throughout the day.”

Matthew Kenefic – PresidentMagellan Search Group

“Paul is a very insightful, knowledgeable trainer who has an innate ability to get his points across in a very subtle manner. Although I have years of recruiting experience, I feel that there is always something to learn and room for improvement. I have taken a lot from this program and look forward to putting these things in action.”

Joe Nicolas – ManagerDelaware Valley Staffing

“Paul, thank you again for your positively brilliant presentation to Project SAME (Staffing Alliance of Maryland Employers) last week. I must agree with one of the participants who described it as ‘The best presentation in years.’ I have enclosed all of the participant feedback forms, uniformly positive.”

Bob Corlett – PresidentStaffing Advisors

“Paul, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your presentation last week, in fact, I recommended that our HR department contact you to come to a branch office and speak!”

Hal Shapiro – Executive Search ConsultantThe Boss Group

“The “High Impact Recruiting” Series was well worth my time, and I learned that I am on track with respect to the direction towards which I am moving my team of recruiters. This course will help my team become better at proactive vs. reactive recruiting, and better understand cutting edge techniques. Overall, the program was great – I wouldn’t change anything.”

Doreen Schefer, Director of Human ResourcesAquilent, Inc.

“Paul, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the fine job you did yesterday with the Tampa Bay Credit Unions program that you conducted here at Suncoast. The comments that I have received were all glowing and I know that there will be a half dozen things that we can implement immediately that will enhance our recruiting processes. Great job and thanks again!”

Jim Vautier – VP Human ResourcesSuncoast Federal Credit Union

In response to a LinkedIn inquiry about books on recruiting:

“I’m going to guess this is for a recruiter trying to get more tips/tactics? There are several I have personally read, and they are relevant to the current age. Some books, while good, have been out longer and might not be as relevant (i.e. Winning the Talent Wars – Bruce Tulgan – Although still a great book! The others I referred to are: 101 Strategies for Recruiting Success by Christopher Pritchard, Proactive Recruiting (In a War For Talent Economy) by Paul Siker

PS – If you ever have the opportunity to go to a seminar by Paul Siker, drop whatever you are doing and go see him. Brilliant and captivating is all I can say.”

Pete Radloff, CIR – Senior Technical RecruitercomScore, Inc.

“High Impact Recruiting” is tremendous. Paul Siker is an outstanding presenter, and the material covered was totally on target. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their recruiting skills…except for my competitors!”

Jackie Connors – PresidentThe Connors Group

“ART’s “High Impact Recruiting”© program is fantastic, and should you ever require testimonials or a positive reference, please put us at the top of your list.”

Patrick Marshall – PartnerStratacuity, Inc.

“Paul, just a short note to say that I was very impressed with your presentation, as were my Associates and Managers. Thank you again for providing us with great information, and please know that I would be happy to serve as a reference.”

Julie Lane, SPHR – HR DirectorIndustrial Label Corporation

“As a staffing firm owner, I am particularly interested in training solutions that provide my people with tangible approaches and solutions throughout the recruiting life-cycle. It was clear that your program more than accomplished this objective. Thanks for producing an outstanding training program.”Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Robert Caulfield – CEOWorldkey Consulting

“This program detailed key concepts about each step in the recruiting lifecycle, and focused on how to effectively plan and organize daily activities. I really enjoyed the class and would love to participate in subsequent classes.”

Sabrina Iacuruso – RecruiterPragmatics, Inc.

“This program was absolutely worthwhile. Paul Siker is a very dynamic, genuine instructor who has a great ability to connect with participants.”

Agnieszka Gnoinska – Recruiter, Chemonics, Inc.

“I would absolutely recommend this course to other recruiters and it was most definitely worth my time. I appreciated segments on low-pressure selling, the importance of detailed interviews, job orders and preps, as well as suggestions on planning one’s day.”

Kristin Nicholson, RecruiterWillmott Associates

“This program was extremely worthwhile. You incorporate an array of ‘best practices’, but with a spin for differentiation”

Heather Young, PartnerAvalon Search Partners

“The High Impact Recruiting program was a great training experience and I would recommend to all in the recruiting industry. I learned excellent ways to present myself when making cold calls, and how to implement a more proactive approach to recruiting. This course was very beneficial and I will be able to apply what I have learned. Paul is an excellent instructor who presents material in a very knowledgeable manner.”

Kelley Brown, Independent Recruiter

“My overall experience was great! A course focused on pro-active fundamentals that incorporates a variety of new resources. Great war stories and examples.”

Laura McCarthy, PartnerQualified Search, Inc.