FAQs - RecruitEDU® Online/On-Demand Training Program

The RecruitEDU® Training Program provides top-flight, highly relevant, online instruction to today’s professional recruiter. RecruitEDU® resides within a Learning Management System (LMS) environment, providing users with seamless access to all program content. Each training session addresses a key aspect of the recruitment life-cycle, and equips learners with proven techniques, strategies, and methodologies that are synonymous with effective recruiting. RecruitEDU® is a very flexible professional development platform that is intended to fit into your schedule. Program content has been thoughtfully designed; all program sessions are professionally facilitated by seasoned recruiting veterans.

The RecruitEDU® Training Program is a contemporary, convenient, comprehensive, and cost-effective online recruitment training program.  Program modules are packed with market-tested strategies, techniques, and recruiting best practices that you can put to work immediately.  Specific benefits include:

  • Training content is accessible from anywhere. Users are provided with access to their own LMS Dashboard so that they can manage and monitor their own progress.
  • No significant disruptions to your work schedule. Program content is available 24/7, allowing you to complete training content on your terms, as your schedule permits.
  • View key training modules repeatedly until key concepts and approaches are mastered.
  • Training program content is entirely oriented to market-tested recruitment “best practices.”
  • The program comes with a comprehensive workbook with supplemental forms and worksheets that become an ongoing resource.
  • RecruitEDU provides exercises and optional homework assignments to help you more successfully deploy what you have learned.
  • The program contains embedded audio examples that demonstrate key calling techniques & methodologies.
  • Professional and engaging instruction and superior customer support and follow-up.

RecruitEDU® is an engaging and comprehensive online/on-demand recruitment training offering.  Your total satisfaction is guaranteed, or we’ll completely refund your purchase.

The RecruitEDU® Training Program can be purchased securely online, and is available on an annual (one-year) subscription basis.  A single user license is priced at $469.00.  Your purchase of the RecruitEDU® Training Program includes:

  • Unrestricted access to all program content for one-year;
  • Detailed course workbook for all training modules;
  • Access to assorted planning tools, forms and templates;
  • Personalized program Certificate of Completion (Upon successful completion of all program elements).
  • A copy of the highly regarded 275-page book “Proactive Recruiting In A War For Talent Economy,”

To Purchase RecruitEDU®, please click here. For inquiries regarding multiple user licenses, please contact us.