FAQs - Public Seminar Recruiter Training Program

At the Public Seminar, each course attendee receives the “High Impact Recruiting”® Public Seminar Training Program  Workbook.  The workbook is very comprehensive and will become an ongoing resource well after you have completed the course.  Program attendees also receive an array of forms, templates, and tools (these are transmitted electronically following program completion).  At the conclusion of the course, all program attendees receive a handsome, personalized Course Certificate of Achievement, as well as a copy of “Proactive Recruiting In A War For Talent Economy.”

You may register for the High Impact Recruiting”® Public Seminar Training Program by clicking here. This will allow you to register and to pay for the program via credit card.  If you wish to pay by company check, you must contact us to register for the program so that we may obtain appropriate billing instructions.  If you wish to register multiple participants, and would like to inquire about program discounts (3 or more participants), please contact us.  Class size is limited, so we encourage you to register early.

Yes, the “High Impact Recruiting”® Public Seminar Program is facilitated on Fridays because it is the perfect way to end a week!  This course is facilitated on a Friday for two reasons:  1)  We promise that you will learn a ton of new information.  The weekend provides the perfect opportunity to let ideas and concepts gel, so that when you return to work on Monday, you are ready to go to work and begin implementing some of the concepts that you have learned.  2)  We try to accommodate out-of-town attendees who would like to capitalize on spending the weekend visiting the numerous sites, museums, and attractions that make the Washington, D.C. area so intriguing.

The “High Impact Recruiting”® Public Seminar Training Program is priced at $829.00 for the day.

Paul Siker personally facilitates each Public Seminar program (See Biography).

Because the “High Impact Recruiting”© Public Seminar Training Program is facilitated over the course of one-day, the course focuses on three key learning tracks, which include:

  • Candidate Identification & Sourcing: (Best conventional sourcing, internet sourcing, social media, and networking practices for finding people who are directly aligned with your openings);
  • Candidate Engagement & Screening: (Best cold & warm call techniques, voicemail and email messages that elicit significantly greater levels of response. consultative selling and candidate experience approaches that resonate with candidate prospects, and highly effective screening and detailed interview approaches);
  • Candidate Closing & On-Boarding: (Salary negotiation, expectation management, pre-closing, offer extension, closing, counter-offer mitigation, and on-boarding methodologies).

The “High Impact Recruiting”© Public Seminar Training Program is applicable to recruiters at all levels.  This program is focused on recruiting best practices in pivotal areas of the recruitment life-cycle.  Program content is addressed in a manner that assures that participants at all experience levels will walk away with a host of great ideas, approaches, word-tracks, and tools that they can readily implement.

The primary objective of any of Advanced Recruiting Trends’ training programs is to provide professional recruiters at all levels with contemporary, relevant, practical, and applicable approaches to talent acquisition.  The “High Impact Recruiting”© Public Seminar Training Program is loaded with outstanding content that consistently exceeds the expectations of program attendees.  How do we know this?  Because course participants continually provide feedback acknowledging that the program was among the very best professional development programs they have experienced.  Ever.

The program runs from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.  There are regular breaks throughout the day, as well as a break for lunch.  Lunch is complementary.