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In-House Recruiter Training Program Details

Looking to equip your organization’s recruiting team with a real competitive advantage?

From highly effective passive candidate sourcing to better candidate engagement approaches, from building great partnerships with hiring authorities to implementing better interviewing practices, from thoughtful compensation and deal closing strategies, to putting sizzle in the way your organization’s compelling story is communicated to candidates, all of ART’s In-house Recruiter Training Programs are designed to give our clients a clear recruiting advantage.

For two decades, Advanced Recruiting Trends has established a proven track-record of building and delivering results-oriented In-House Recruiter Training programs customized to client specifications and presented on-site, via the Internet (or both).

ART’s outstanding In-House Recruiter Training Programs are thoughtfully constructed to meet each client’s unique recruitment challenges, objectives, and goals.  The In-House Recruiter Training Program provides clients with the most comprehensive recruitment training platform available, while providing numerous customization options (training content/topic areas, program delivery format, and follow-on support/customer care). Representative content areas often addressed within ART’s In-House Recruiter Training Programs include:

  • Researching, Sourcing, and Contacting In-Demand, Passive Candidate Prospects
  • Leveraging Social Media & Internet-based Tools to Access Candidate Prospects
  • Using Advanced Consultative Selling Techniques Throughout The Recruiting Sales Cycle
  • Effective Candidate Engagement (Active & Passive Candidates)
  • Candidate Referral Acquisition Approaches That Fundamentally Work
  • Building Strategic Recruiting  Partnerships With Hiring Authorities
  • Proven Candidate Screening & Interviewing Best Practices
  • Employment Branding & Assuring A High-Quality Candidate Experience
  • The Recruitment “Stump Speech”:  Elevating & Articulating Your Organization’s Compelling Story
  • Candidate Debriefs & Pre-Closing Strategies/Techniques
  • Formal Offer Preparation, Extension & Deal Closing Strategies
  • Advanced Job Posting/Requisition Composition & Marketing Strategies
  • Critical Communication & Expectation Management Approaches In Recruitment (Candidate/Hiring Manager)
  • Leveraging Voicemail & Email & Text Messages to Elicit More Returned Calls From Passive Prospects
  • Candidate Call Psychology – Making Every Call A Great Call
  • Best Practices For Making Advanced Introductory Calls (AKA Cold Calls) to Candidate Prospects  (Focused Vs. Unfocused Calling Approaches)
  • Understanding, Qualifying, Evaluating, and Affirming Candidate Motivators
  • Qualifying, Negotiating & Locking Down Candidate Salary/Compensation Expectations
  • Mitigating Candidate Counter-Offers & Turn-Downs
  • Daily Planning, Organization & Time Management Strategies

Facilitation & Delivery Options

Grounded in proven, proactive recruitment best practices, our In-House Training Programs blend advanced consultative communications and selling theory with pragmatic approaches to all components of the recruiting life-cycle (from job requisition approval through candidate on-boarding).  Companies regularly select ART as their recruitment training partner for a host of reasons, including:

  • Multiple facilitation formats and delivery channels including on-site and web-based (or combined);
  • Flexible program duration, ranging from 0.5 days – 2.0 days (dependent on client objectives);
  • Tremendous value-add, results, and ROI (we continuously receive superior ratings from clients);
  • Detailed and thorough client needs analysis and assessment process;
  • Program content tailored to client specifications and client industry/market sector;
  • Programs designed for diverse recruiting teams with varying experience levels;
  • Exceptionally comprehensive subject matter and program content areas;
  • Superior facilitation and instruction by top industry trainers & consultants;
  • Engaging program formats, dynamic break-out exercises, and outstanding course materials;
"Paul - The workshop was fabulous and I have had feedback from every single person about the benefits, presentation and content of the entire day You really nailed it and I cannot thank you enough."
Jane Madio
SVP Human Resources - Sovereign Bank/Santander
“I felt this course was an excellent investment. Time was managed effectively, the course material was entirely applicable, and Paul did a great job of engaging the audience throughout the day.”
Matthew Kenefic
President - Magellan Search Group
“Paul – We really enjoyed our training and can’t thank you enough for customizing the agenda to suit our needs. Thanks in advance for the templates and forms. I’m sure they’ll be put to good use. Thanks, again!”
Darla K. Burton
Director of Physician and Associate Recruitment - Mary Washington Healthcare
“Paul, I have received so much positive feedback about your training, I’m really impressed. You really gave our team a lot to think about and some action items that they can implement presently. Thank you again for making the effort to help us grow in the area of recruiting.”
Betsy McCue
Assistant Vice President - McCue Mortgage
“Hi Paul, The training was AWESOME! You are more than welcome to cite me as a reference – Let me know if you need anything from me.”
Jennifer Ramcharan
Recruiter - TripAdvisor
“Paul – I think that the sessions yesterday were very much a value-add. There is an “air of positivity” in Recruitment today. Your immeasurable experience that has helped guide us on a path. It is always a pleasure to have you here and I hope that we will be able to continue working together in the future.”
Veronica Mulligan
HR Manager - J.S. Redpath Mining
“Paul – We really enjoyed our training and can’t thank you enough for customizing the agenda to suit our needs. Thanks in advance for the templates and forms. I’m sure they’ll be put to good use. Thanks, again!”
Jessica Owens Torres
Talent Acquisition Manager - Navigator Management Partners, LLC

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