"High Impact Recruiting" Web-Based Recruiter Training Program

Web-Based Recruiter Training Program Details

ART’s “High Impact Recruiting” Web-Based Recruiter Training Program is a comprehensive, live, and highly interactive instructor-led course. This 12-hour program equips recruiters with reliable methodologies that yield better results in all phases of the recruiting life cycle. The Web-Based Recruiter Training Program is designed to help talent acquisition professionals favorably distinguish and differentiate themselves. The program can help you become a “recruiter of choice,” or someone who consistently achieves successful recruiting outcomes.

ART’s Web-Based Recruiter Training Program is thoughtfully presented, contemporary, insightful, and built upon proven techniques, strategies and  approaches that will provide you with a true competitive edge and tangible recruiting advantage. Need additional proof? View our roster of representative clients, or client testimonials, or take a look at program attendee feedback forms.

ART’s Web-Based Recruiter Training Program delivers a wealth of insightful, pragmatic and readily deployed best practices in five core learning areas:

  • Search & Selection Strategy
    • Creating Strategic Partnerships with Hiring Authorities
    • Job Description & Competency Validation
    • Creating Highly Effective Job Postings that Yield More Traffic
    • Recruiting Strategy & Employment Branding Methodologies
    • Consultative Communications with Candidates/Hiring Authorities
  • Candidate Identification & Sourcing
    • Active & Passive Candidate Recruiting Methodologies
    • Leveraging Social Media Search Techniques (LinkedIn, Facebook, Etc.)
    • Deploying Proven Referral Acquisition Strategies
    • Building & Maintaining Targeted Candidate Pools/Lead Nurturing Methods
  • Candidate Engagement & Assessment
    • Candidate Messaging Strategies (Social Media & Texting)
    • Voicemail & E-Mail Strategies (That Elicit More Responses)
    • Proven, Proactive Candidate Calling Strategies that Flat Out Work
    • Candidate Screens/Assessments & Interviewing Best Practices
    • Consultative Selling & Communication Best Practices
  • Offer Extension & Closing the Deal
    • Offer Negotiation & Benefits Considerations
    • Mitigating Counter-Offer Scenarios
    • Offer Extension & Closing Best Practices
    • Candidate Transition & On-Boarding
  • Organization & Metrics
    • Daily Planning & Time Management
    • Recruiting Metrics & Performance Analysis
    • Recruiting Tools & Utilities
    • Recruiting Process Optimization

ART’s Web-Based Recruiter Training Program is an outstanding professional development program. Attendees consistently report that the program delivered significant value-add and enhanced and augmented their recruiting skills and results. If you are looking for a recruitment training offering that will give you a competitive recruiting advantage, ART’s Web-Based Recruiter Training Program is what you’ve been seeking. Click on the links below for more information or to register.

Upcoming Program Dates: (Looking for custom or alternative dates? Contact Us)

April 2024:
Successive Tuesdays: 4/2, 4/9, 4/16 4/23, 4/30

May 2024:
Successive Wednesdays: 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 5/29

June 2024:
Successive Tuesdays: 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25, 7/2

“High Impact Recruiting” Web-Based Training Tuition: $859.00

Program Summary & Upcoming Dates

Program Summary:

  • The “High Impact Recruiting Web-Based Training Program” is a live, highly interactive, instructor-led program.
  • The Web-Based Recruiter Training program is typically facilitated over a 5-week period (one session per week).*
  • Each training session is approximately 2-hours in duration.*
  • Every module addresses proven strategies, processes, and best practices within key areas of the recruitment life cycle.
  • Program attendees receive a comprehensive training program workbook and ongoing access to training resources (tools, templates, recorded call examples, etc.).
  • Upon program completion, attendees receive a personalized program certificate acknowledging their achievement.
  • Program sessions typically run from 10 AM – 12 Noon EST. If you can’t attend a session, no problem – we’ll help you make up any missed sessions.

* We can often adjust scheduled program times and duration – please contact us to inquire.

The “High Impact Recruiting” Web-Based Training Program consistently receives top ratings from attendees in four key feedback areas:  

  1. Program Facilitation & Instructor Knowledge
  2. Program Content & Relevance
  3. Program Value & Return-On-Investment (ROI)
  4. Program Attendee Engagement.

Upcoming Program Dates:

April 2024:
Successive Tuesdays: 4/2, 4/9, 4/16 4/23, 4/30

May 2024:
Successive Wednesdays: 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 5/29

June 2024:
Successive Tuesdays: 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25, 7/2

Once you register, we will coordinate an initial call to discuss your recruiting objectives and goals, as well as understand your market sector/industry, and specific challenges you may be experiencing. This enables us to localize program content to your needs and helps assure that the course is as relevant and impactful to your recruiting activities as possible.

“The “High Impact Recruiting” Web-Based Recruiter Training Program was incredibly helpful. Not only did it teach me important new concepts and recruiting processes, but it also reaffirmed a few of the ideas, principles, and processes I currently use. The content on cold calling, counter-offers, candidate motivators, and building strategic partnerships with hiring managers, was particularly useful. I’m very happy I was able to take this course and have already recommended it to colleagues.”
Sarah Rice
Recruiter - LatinWorks
“This program was absolutely worthwhile. Paul Siker is a very dynamic, genuine instructor who has a great ability to connect with participants.”
Agnieszka Gnoinska
Recruiter - Chemonics, Inc.
"Hi Paul - There are very few weeks that go by that I don't reflect on your class. This week I prepared a terminal manager we just hired to put in his notice. I made sure he knew what would happen and that he was prepared to decline any counter-offer."
Kelsey Host
Host Inc. - Human Resources
“This course was extremely beneficial and allowed me to gain a better understanding of impactful recruiting processes. I intend to implement some of the new call scripts that I learned during the sessions, as well as the techniques oriented to proactive sourcing, cold calling, getting calls returned, and referral acquisition. In summary, this program enabled me to get a different/stronger perspective of recruiting.”
Gary Thompson
Recruiter - Bausch & Lomb
“The “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-based Training Program was definitely worth my time. I believe we all need to continue to learn and this course was definitely one that was worth the time and energy to take. I gained confidence that I am doing quite a few things correctly but also learned that there are some things I can tweak to get a better overall result. I learned a lot of tools and techniques that I will be able to continue to use.”
Seema Venugopal
Recruiting Manager - Ultramatics
“High Impact Recruiting” is tremendous. Paul Siker is an outstanding presenter, and the material covered was totally on target. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their recruiting skills…except for my competitors!”
Jackie Connors
President - The Connors Group
"I used your email script and just tried out one of the call scripts on the same candidate. Worked great!! I felt so much more comfortable. Unfortunately, he wasn't a fit but that felt soooo much better!"
Janet Santiago
Branch Development Manager - Direct Mortgage Loans
“Paul – We really enjoyed our training and can’t thank you enough for customizing the agenda to suit our needs. Thanks in advance for the templates and forms. I’m sure they’ll be put to good use. Thanks, again!”
Don Pitt
Owner - CPC

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For additional details on the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program, please visit our FAQs page.

We are confident that the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program is the most comprehensive course of its kind. Loaded with terrific recruitment training content, and expertly facilitated, you can be assured that the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program will deliver significant ROI.

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