Core Recruiter Training Programs

Looking for outstanding recruiter training programs? Advanced Recruiting Trends offers corporate recruitment teams, third-party/agency recruiters and executive search consultants access to a host of comprehensive and innovative recruiter training programs. 

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In-House Recruiter Training Programs

What gets covered in our In-House training programs? Anything of consequence to our clients. In-House programs are designed from a broad roster of contemporary topic areas that often include Candidate Identification & Sourcing, Candidate Engagement & Talent Branding, Candidate Assessment & Interviews, and Offer Extension, Closing & On-Boarding (and everything in between).

Our Clients consistently tell us that ART’s In-House Recruiter Training Programs yield significant ROI. They also tell us that our in-house program format and facilitation are engaging and inspiring. And, finally, they tell us that their recruiters have been able to elevate their performance by implementing the strategies and techniques they’ve learned. Positive feedback from Clients and recruiting professionals is the ultimate validation of our training programs.

ART’s In-House recruiter training programs are custom-built for organizations that are seeking a competitive advantage in all areas of the recruitment life cycle. Grounded in proven recruitment best practices, our In-House training programs are designed to address each client’s unique recruitment requirements. In addition to addressing client recruitment workflows, our training programs are localized to align with each client’s market-sector and directly address in-demand skill categories. More

“High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program

The “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program packages our top-flight recruitment training content into live, weekly training sessions – all accessible from the convenience of your office.  “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program is a tremendously engaging, instructor-led, highly interactive learning experience that helps recruiters at all levels to realize new efficiencies in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

The “High Impact Recruiting ”© Web-Based Training Program consists of 10+ hours of actual instruction time and is offered in a five session format (5 successive weekly sessions, 2 hours per session).

ART’s “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program is thoughtfully presented, extremely comprehensive, and built upon proven techniques, strategies, and tactical approaches that equip today’s talent acquisition professional with a true recruiting advantage. More


Advanced Recruiting Trends’ RecruitEDU® Online/On-Demand Recruiter Training Program equips today’s professional recruiter with an outstanding recruitment training platform that’s grounded in proactive recruiting best practices. RecruitEDU® is comprised of top-flight recruitment training modules that fundamentally yield better results. 

RecruitEDU® is a comprehensive recruiter training program that is broadly applicable to talent acquisition professionals in all industry sectors and recruiting disciplines. With approximately 20 hours of training content focused on proven recruitment “best practices,” RecruitEDU® is designed to help recruiters at all experience levels improve their overall performance and realize new efficiencies. Regardless of the industry sector or functional discipline for which you recruit, this program will help you to optimize your recruiting results. More

Public Seminar Training Programs

Advanced Recruiting Trends presents its highly acclaimed “High Impact Recruiting”© Training Program in a public seminar format on a monthly basis in the Washington, D.C.  metro area.   A one-day program, this highly interactive and engaging course is loaded with outstanding content designed to give recruiters in all market-sectors a clear competitive advantage.  

If you are looking for a motivating, thought-provoking program that will equip you with new ideas, strategies, and proven best practices that you can put to work immediately, this is the program for you. More