Looking For The Best Recruiter Training Program? "High Impact Recruiting" Delivers!​

Group Endorsing The High Impact Recruiting Training Program
Looking for the best recruiter training program? Look no further than Advanced Recruiting Trends, “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program. What makes ART’s “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program best? Various factors, including the following:
  • Recruiter Training Content: The “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program is extremely comprehensive. The Web-based program is approximately 11 hours long and covers the entire recruitment life cycle. The “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program offers tremendous breadth and depth. The program addresses all topics at both a strategic and tactical level. This course covers each step in the recruiting process.
  • Program Orientation: The “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program is instructed at the college course level. It addresses proven, market-tested best practices in all areas of the recruiting process. The course is recognized as a college certificate program by multiple institutions of higher learning. Significantly, this is one of the reasons our clients single out ART’s recruiter training courses as top-tier professional development programs.
  • Training Program Format: The “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program is a live, instructor-led course. Attendees get significant one-on-one interaction with the instructor. Each 2-hour training session is a mix of lecture, discussion, and case studies.
  • Training Program Facilitation: Each instructor is an industry expert with decades of applicable recruiting experience. Because your instructor has successfully completed an array of different recruiting assignments, the “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program is as “real-world” as it gets.
  • Customization/Localization: The “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program addresses specific position categories and/or recruiting challenges and issues that are unique to your organization. As a result, you get real-time assistance in creating strategies and approaches that help you to immediately optimize recruitment outcomes.
  • Course Applicability: Course content within the “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program addresses all position categories. This includes highly specialized professionals, lower level workers, managers, leaders, and individual contributors. You’ll learn strategies and techniques that help you to identify key talent efficiently and effectively.
  • Attendee Feedback: Program Attendees consistently rate their “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program experience as “superior.” It’s worth noting that attendees end up getting significantly more than they expected. The program is extremely engaging and highly interactive. As one program participant recently summarized, “This course gave me a benchmark that enabled me to confidently identify, engage, and recruit high quality professionals – Thank you, so much!”
  • Access To Passive Candidates: Many organizations rely on job boards as their primary recruiting approach, or Plan “A” to finding candidates. When Plan “A” doesn’t work, recruiters have to have a Plan “B”, and that’s why “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program is invaluable. We helprecruiters devise and deploy effective recruiting approaches that are reliably effective in getting the best talent available for the opportunity at hand.
  • Volume of Takeaways: the “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program is loaded with thoughtful and eloquent approaches that fundamentally work in all market sectors and with every position category. Attendees walk away from each training session poised to implement new recruiting practices that flat out work.
  • Enjoyable, Insightful, and Fun: Program attendees consistently cite that the “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program is a phenomenal professional development program. The program equips them today’s recruiter with a wealth of applicable knowledge that makes recruiting easier. Best of all, the program is an extremely enjoyable and interactive learning experience. We regularly register program attendees who were referred by a coworker or colleague.
If you are looking to complete a professional development program oriented to recruiting, we strongly encourage you to consider the “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program, or one of ART’s specialty courses. For almost two decades, Advanced Recruiting Trends has been educating talent acquisition professionals to recruit more effectively, more efficiently, and more successfully. These factors combined with the program features listed above are why Advanced Recruiting Trends’ “High Impact Recruiting” Training Program is the best recruiter training program available. Understandably, we may be just a little bit biased, 🙂