Proactive Recruiting In A War For Talent Economy (Paperback)

Proactive Recruiting In A War For Talent Economy (Paperback)
Proactive Recruiting In A War For Talent Economy (Paperback)

Proactive Recruiting In A War For Talent Economy (Paperback)

In Proactive Recruiting In A War For Talent Economy, Paul Siker maps out an array of strategic and tactical recruiting best practices that are designed to allow today’s recruiting professional to further optimize their ability to identify and successfully recruit talented passive candidate prospects. Additionally, Siker addresses consultative candidate engagement and selling strategies that recruiters can deploy to construct long-term, compelling, and actionable candidate relationships.

A Partial Listing Of Chapters Includes:

Proactive Recruiting: For progressive recruiters and competitive organizations seeking to get beyond the “post & hope” methodology of obtaining candidates, incorporating viable direct recruiting approaches into the talent acquisition matrix is essential.

Building Productive Relationships with Hiring Authorities: Deploying a thoughtful communications strategy with hiring authorities, one that engenders the creation of meaningful partnerships, that manages expectations, and that allows a recruiter to emerge as a “trusted advisor,” is critical to long-term recruiting success.

Consultative Selling in Recruitment: Talented professionals cannot be treated as commodities. Recruiters must sell themselves, and be capable of projecting an employer’s “brand identity.” Conveying a consultative communication and selling style is pivotal to effective recruitment, regardless of whether a candidate prospect is active or passive.

Enhanced Sourcing Methodologies: The ability to consistently and efficiently identify high-quality candidate prospects, whose backgrounds align with existing or anticipated openings, is essential to effective recruiting. This chapter discusses direct sourcing techniques, tools, and best practices (Phone and Internet-based).

Advanced Introductory Call Techniques: Get a fresh perspective and clear insights on how to implement thoughtful introductory calls to prospective candidates that flat-out work. Understand the distinctions between focused and unfocused cold calls, and how to build effective, comfortable, and proven call word-tracks that engender goodwill, and create the foundation for a high-quality dialogue with prospective candidates.

Overcoming the Voicemail Roadblock: Learn how to leave intriguing and cohesive messages that will dramatically improve the likelihood of getting returned calls from key candidate prospects.

Referral Acquisition: Utilize creative approaches to consistently secure quality prospective candidate leads for individuals who most immediately align with existing openings.

Offer Negotiation & Closing Strategies: Formulate, present, and close offers of employment consistently, and in a manner that resonates with candidates. Eliminate ambiguity regarding current and desired compensation scenarios.

Mitigating Counter-Offers: Eliminate surprises at the back-end of the recruitment process by communicating the “right” things to prospects at the front-end of the recruitment sales life-cycle.

Daily Planning & Assessment: Learn how to construct and deploy a results-oriented, proactive recruiting game plan that maximizes productivity, assesses efficiency, and reduces chaos.

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