Job Descriptions DVD

Job Descriptions DVD
Job Descriptions DVD

Job Descriptions DVD

On a monthly basis, talent acquisition professionals within corporate recruitment, executive search, and staffing environments collectively spend countless millions promoting positions on large career portals, regional job boards, and smaller, specialized niche job boards. Online job postings have unquestionably become the predominant tool that recruiters utilize to attract talent.

As a result, today’s candidates are awash in advertising stimuli and seemingly have more options than ever before. As the number of online recruitment postings continues to rise, the same can’t be said for the actual content or quality of most job postings, descriptions, and advertisements. In short, not all job postings are created equally.

In far too many instances, job postings are comprised of mundane, static, and lifeless descriptions (too often verbatim replications of generic descriptions sourced from prior ads and postings) that not only fail to resonate with job seekers, but also fail to provide active or passive job seekers with a compelling reason to respond.

This session, “Crafting Compelling Job Descriptions and Job Board Postings” provides a contemporary assessment of job postings today, while also addressing the extent to which many recruiters can optimize the performance and ROI of online job postings while also distinguishing themselves in the eyes of hiring authorities and prospective candidates.

By the end of the Session, participants will know how to:

Identify six (6) key shortcomings inherent to most online job postings;
Appreciate/incorporate ten (10) essential selling message components of consequence to virtually all candidate prospects;
Utilize a proven, replicable job posting composition template to quickly create advanced postings;
Transition advanced postings into position-specific marketing collateral for transmission to passive prospects;
Leverage advanced postings to strengthen brand perception, and to project a consistent and significant “Knowledge Value-Add (KVA)” as a means of enhancing both client and candidate relationships.

This program also highlight case studies that demonstrate how advanced postings can be successfully leveraged as a branding tool/competitive differentiator to further project a recruiter’s subject matter and domain expertise. If you are looking to significantly upgrade the quality and effectiveness of your firm's postings and descriptions, this is the program you've been looking for.

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