Cold Calls - On-Demand

Cold Calls - On-Demand
Cold Calls - On-Demand

Cold Calls - On-Demand

In recruiting, the ability to effectively engage both active and passive candidates (and especially passive candidates) via introductory phone calls (aka “Cold Calls”) is one of the most important skills any serious recruiting practitioner can develop.

A fundamental truth within recruiting is that not all recruiting cold calls are created equally. The “Compelling Cold Calls”© DVD, is an outstanding 2-hour training program that is entirely oriented to the art and science of making the very best introductory calls possible.

This exceptionally comprehensive program addresses the following:

1) Utilizing Consultative Selling Methodologies To Optimize Candidate Engagement;

2) Cold Call Psychology - Understanding and Overcoming Call Reluctance/Hesitation;

3) Recruiting Cold Call Frameworks and Unfocused Cold Call Schema and Word-Track Design;

4) Recruiting Cold Call Execution Strategies (Program contains Live, Recorded Recruiting Cold Calls)

5) Recruiting Cold Call Outcomes – Creating Relationships With Prospects Who Aren’t Interested

6) Much, much more!

The “Compelling Cold Calls”© DVD comes with a 20-page program workbook. If you are a recruiter who wants to have a productive and meaningful dialogue with virtually every candidate prospect you contact, if you are a recruiter who wants to separate yourself from your industry peers while also distinguishing yourself in the eyes of candidate prospects as a “recruiter of choice,” if you are a recruiter who wants to build high-quality, actionable relationships with candidate prospects, purchase the “Compelling Cold Calls”© DVD – you won’t regret it.

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