Creating The “Wow!” Factor | Optimizing Your Firm’s Employment Brand®

  • Creating the “Wow!” Factor – Optimizing Your Firm’s Employment Brand® is a comprehensive 3-hour program that addresses critical candidate engagement and employment branding strategies that translate to greater recruiting success.
  • Many firms are woefully lacking when it comes to conveying the qualities, attributes and other characteristics that make them a compelling employer. In a competitive market climate, an organization’s employment brand is vitally important.
  • In fact, recent survey data suggests that 75% of candidates consider an organization’s employment brand as a key part of their decision-making process when applying for positions. Creating the “Wow!” Factor® will help your organization to creatively design, distinguish, and communicate its talent brand in a manner that aligns with the motivators, goals, and employment objectives of top-tier candidate prospects.

Upcoming Training Dates

Two Session Program – 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM EST (90 minutes on two consecutive days)

February 4th-5th

March 4th-5th

April 1st-2nd

May 6th-7th

Tuition is $425.00 per person. Multiple attendee discounts are available (call for details). We accept all major credit cards.

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Program Learning Objectives:

Program attendees will learn how to:

1. Audit their organization’s candidate engagement process and evaluate and measure candidate experience outcomes;

2. Understand the significance of employment/talent branding plays in today’s competitive marketplace;

3. Follow 5 key steps in creating and conveying a compelling, candidate-facing employment brand;

4. How to inventory and assess existing employment branding messages, themes, and collateral;

5. Identify and leverage new talent branding and selling messages that will resonate with candidate prospects;

6. How to deploy a strategic communications plan that enhances candidate engagement and results;

7. Monitor and respond to social media feedback that can impact your employment brand;

8. Appreciate the correlation between your firm’s employment brand/employee value proposition, and candidate employment motivators;

9. Build dynamic talent branding and communications collateral that consistently serves to distinguish your organization as a top-tier employer.

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Who Should Attend:
Recruiting & Human Resources Professionals & Hiring Authorities who have a vested interest in elevating their firm’s employment brand identity, and optimizing candidate engagement strategies. This course delivers an array of pragmatic approaches that are designed to enhance candidate-facing communications, and that result in a significantly better candidate experience.

Program Format:
Creating the “Wow!” Factor – Optimizing Your Firm’s Employment Brand® is a live, instructor-led program that is facilitated online. This course is extremely interactive, and contains numerous case studies and talent branding exercises that are entirely applicable to your organization. Tuition includes a comprehensive program workbook and access to electronic tools/templates. Creating the “Wow!” Factor – Optimizing Your Firm’s Employment Brand® is a 3-hour course that is presented in two 90-minute installments over two consecutive days.

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