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  • Cold Calls DVD

    Cold Calls DVD

    In recruiting, the ability to effectively engage both active and passive candidates (and especially passive candidates) via introductory phone calls (aka “Cold Calls”) is one of the most important skills any serious recruiting practitioner can develop.

    A fundamental truth within recruiting is that not all recruiting cold calls are created equally. The “Compelling Cold Calls”© DVD, is an outstanding 2-hour training program that is entirely oriented to the art and science of making the very best introductory calls possible.

    This exceptionally comprehensive program addresses the following:

    1) Utilizing Consultative Selling Methodologies To Optimize Candidate Engagement;

    2) Cold Call Psychology - Understanding and Overcoming Call Reluctance/Hesitation;

    3) Recruiting Cold Call Frameworks and Unfocused Cold Call Schema and Word-Track Design;

    4) Recruiting Cold Call Execution Strategies (Program contains Live, Recorded Recruiting Cold Calls)

    5) Recruiting Cold Call Outcomes – Creating Relationships With Prospects Who Aren’t Interested

    6) Much, much more!

    The “Compelling Cold Calls”© DVD comes with a 20-page program workbook. If you are a recruiter who wants to have a productive and meaningful dialogue with virtually every candidate prospect you contact, if you are a recruiter who wants to separate yourself from your industry peers while also distinguishing yourself in the eyes of candidate prospects as a “recruiter of choice,” if you are a recruiter who wants to build high-quality, actionable relationships with candidate prospects, purchase the “Compelling Cold Calls”© DVD – you won’t regret it.

    Cold Calls DVD

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  • ART - Forms CD

    ART - Forms CD

    Advanced Recruiting Trends' Forms CD provides recruiters with a host of easy to use Forms & Templates that can save you time and help to optimize your performance. The ART Forms Disk contains over 25 forms that will help you increase productivity, organize your desk, and secure tighter working relationships with hiring managers and candidates. Most Forms can be edited.  Many Forms are provided in both MS-Word Format and also in Adobe PDF Format (with form fields). A sampling of available forms includes:

    1. Candidate Preparation Letter for Initial Office Interview
    2. Candidate Screen & Interview Guide (4 Pages)
    3. Candidate Compensation Worksheet (2 Pages)
    4. Candidate Reference Disclosure Form
    5. Candidate Reference Check Form (2 Pages)
    6. Candidate Motivator Discussion/Grading Tool
    7. Candidate Background Check Release Form (Criminal/Credit, Etc.)
    8. Candidate Non-Disclosure Agreement
    9. Candidate Prep Checklist
    10. Candidate Authorization to Refer Agreement
    11. Candidate Interview Out-Brief
    12. Candidate Sample Resignation Letters
    13. Candidate Satisfaction Survey
    14. Candidate Pre-Closing Offer Tool
    15. Candidate Temporary Employee/Contractor Agreement
    16. Client Recruiting Services (Fee) Agreements (Standard & Pro-Rated)
    17. Client Recruiting Services (Fee) Agreement (Temporary/Contractor)
    18. Hiring Authority Job Requisition Discussion Form (4 Pages)
    19. Client/Candidate Interview Tracking Log
    20. Client Interview Out-BriefClient Audit/Grading Form
    Client Agency Satisfaction Survey
    Associate Non-Compete Agreement
    Associate Call Reluctance Survey
    Accounts Receivable & Collections Guide
    Detailed Candidate/Hiring Authority Interview Prep Guide
    ART Daily e-Planner - Electronic Daily Planning TemplateIf you are seeking an array of professional forms, templates, and agreements, The ART Forms CD will save you countless hours of time.


    ART - Forms CD

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  • Job Descriptions DVD

    Job Descriptions DVD

    On a monthly basis, talent acquisition professionals within corporate recruitment, executive search, and staffing environments collectively spend countless millions promoting positions on large career portals, regional job boards, and smaller, specialized niche job boards. Online job postings have unquestionably become the predominant tool that recruiters utilize to attract talent.

    As a result, today’s candidates are awash in advertising stimuli and seemingly have more options than ever before. As the number of online recruitment postings continues to rise, the same can’t be said for the actual content or quality of most job postings, descriptions, and advertisements. In short, not all job postings are created equally.

    In far too many instances, job postings are comprised of mundane, static, and lifeless descriptions (too often verbatim replications of generic descriptions sourced from prior ads and postings) that not only fail to resonate with job seekers, but also fail to provide active or passive job seekers with a compelling reason to respond.

    This session, “Crafting Compelling Job Descriptions and Job Board Postings” provides a contemporary assessment of job postings today, while also addressing the extent to which many recruiters can optimize the performance and ROI of online job postings while also distinguishing themselves in the eyes of hiring authorities and prospective candidates.

    By the end of the Session, participants will know how to:

    Identify six (6) key shortcomings inherent to most online job postings;
    Appreciate/incorporate ten (10) essential selling message components of consequence to virtually all candidate prospects;
    Utilize a proven, replicable job posting composition template to quickly create advanced postings;
    Transition advanced postings into position-specific marketing collateral for transmission to passive prospects;
    Leverage advanced postings to strengthen brand perception, and to project a consistent and significant “Knowledge Value-Add (KVA)” as a means of enhancing both client and candidate relationships.

    This program also highlight case studies that demonstrate how advanced postings can be successfully leveraged as a branding tool/competitive differentiator to further project a recruiter’s subject matter and domain expertise. If you are looking to significantly upgrade the quality and effectiveness of your firm's postings and descriptions, this is the program you've been looking for.


    Job Descriptions DVD

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  • The Recruiter's Guide To Optimized Voicemail, Texts, & Email Messages - DVD

    The Recruiter's Guide To Optimized Voicemail, Texts, & Email Messages - DVD

    As a recruiting professional, you spend a significant amount of time communicating with candidate prospects, by phone, by text, and by email. Have you paused to consider how your voicemails and emails come across to a prospective candidate? Have you stopped to evaluate the percentage of callbacks that you actually receive? Have you considered whether there are specific approaches or techniques that you can use to realize a higher percentage of returned calls, texts, or email responses from desirable candidate prospects?

    When recruiting passive candidates, that last thing that you want is to leave a message or transmit a text or email that gets deleted – you want a dialogue. This program, Optimized Voicemail, Text & Email Message Strategies, helps recruiters to design and deploy high-quality messages and increases the likelihood of returned calls, texts, and email responses from well-qualified candidate prospects. Topics covered in this fast-paced, 1-hour program include:

    1. Why most recruiter voicemail, text, and email messages fail to resonate with candidate prospects, and how many recruiters unknowingly sabotage their own messages.

    2. Proven approaches to create and leverage highly effective voicemail, text, and email word-tracks that reliably yield more responses from desirable candidate prospects;

    3. Creating intriguing and flexible message variations that engage candidate prospects and increase the likelihood of a returned call, text, or email;

    4. Delivering messages that enable you to distinguish yourself as a recruiter that candidates want to communicate with and know.

    The program also contains real-world message examples (good and bad), so that you can produce highly compelling messages that work.

    If you are genuinely interested in elevating the quality of your voicemail, text, and email messages, Optimized Voicemail, Text, & Email Message Strategies will help you to communicate more effectively and get your messages to passive candidate prospects returned. The program comes with a comprehensive 20- page workbook. Like all of our programs, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed, or we’ll provide a full refund.


    The Recruiter's Guide To Optimized Voicemail, Texts, & Email Messages - DVD

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  • ART Daily e-Planner

    ART Daily e-Planner

    Given the complex nature of the recruiting sales cycle, formulating and executing an effective daily plan is critical to maximizing productivity and performance.

    Our Electronic Daily Planner was developed to help recruiters visualize their day and get more accomplished. 

    Unlike other Daily Planners oriented to recruiting, ART's Electronic Daily Planner helps you organize activities and save time and money. ART's e-Planner is an MS-Word template with form fields. Simply type activities into the appropriate fields, and your day’s work is rendered in a clean and organized manner. Prefer to look at a hard-copy? No problem – simply hit print.

    Best of all, unlike traditional planners, if you don’t complete a specific activity, there is no need to re-record (re-write) it as part of your next day’s plan – it’s already there. Also, unlike traditional planners, with the ART Electronic Daily Planner, there’s no need to re-order.


    1. MS-Word based planning template.
    2. Easy to use and can be easily customized and tailored to your needs
    3. Can be viewed electronically, or printed out for hard-copy back-upPrints out as 8.5” x 14” Legal Sized Document.
    4. Can be produced on virtually any printer.Plenty of space to track appointments and record key activities.
    5. Activity tracking area allows capture of important metrics.


    1.No need to manually write things down – quickly type information into the planner.
    2.Activities can carry over from day to day. No need to input them again.One time purchase.
    3.No need to spend money on reordering paper-based planners.

    ART Daily e-Planner

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