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Talented Recruiter Watching Recruitment Training Video

Advanced Recruiting Trends offers recruiter training DVD video programs that address recruiting best-practices within key areas of the recruitment process. Each of the programs listed below provides numerous, insightful takeaways that can dramatically enhance your recruiting results.

  • Actively involved in drafting job-board postings? “Crafting Compelling Job Postings & Position Descriptions” will tangibly help you to attract more quality candidate prospects.
  • Seeking to get significantly better results when calling or networking with passive candidate prospects? “Compelling Cold Calls” will help you to distinguish yourself when communicating with either active or passive candidates, and will enable you to make every call a great call.
  • Having difficulty getting candidates to return your voicemail or email messages? “Optimized Voicemail & Email Strategies” will equip you to sound substantially different (and significantly better) than your competitors while eliciting a much greater response rate from candidates you are trying to engage.
  • See below for additional details on these outstanding recruiter training DVD programs. Each recruiter training DVD is shipped with a comprehensive training program workbook. All recruiter training DVD titles are also available via the internet as on-demand videos.

Crafting Compelling Job Postings – DVD
1 Hour Video DVD Training Program with Workbook – $89.00

  • on-demand videosAre your job board postings working for you or against you? “Crafting Compelling Job Descriptions and Job Board Postings,” will equip you to create highly compelling job board postings that result in a greater number of quality applicants.
  • This program highlights key deficiencies associated with most job board postings and job descriptions and provides a strategic, replicable approach to consistently crafting high-quality job descriptions and job board postings that consistently yield better results and greater ROI.
  • This program is for recruiters who wish to distinguish their positions and generate descriptions and postings that resonate with candidate prospects. Purchase

Optimized Voicemail & Email Message Strategies – DVD
1-Hour Video DVD Training Program with Workbook – $89.00

  • on-demand videosHave you ever wondered why your calls or emails to candidate prospects aren’t getting returned? Have you found yourself pondering whether there might be voicemail and email approaches that would reliably yield a better result? “Optimized Voicemail & Email Message Strategies,” looks at proven voicemail approaches and email techniques used by top performing recruiters to better engage and increase returned calls from candidates.
  • This 60-minute program addresses easily deployed voicemail and email best practices that reliably work and that can help distinguish you from peers and competitors. The program also provides real-world voicemail and email message examples that will help you stand out from the crowd. Purchase

Compelling Cold Calls – DVD
2-Hour Video DVD Training Program with Workbook$129.00

  • on-demand videos Over 50% of recruiters surveyed characterized calling passive candidates to be either uncomfortable or an activity that they outright avoided.
  • The truth is that the vast majority of recruiting professionals utilize ineffective calling approaches when attempting to engage passive candidate prospects. They use a “focused call” format wherein they attempt to “tell” a prospect about an opportunity without the benefit of understanding what might actually compel an individual to entertain the possibility of considering a job change. It’s little wonder that many recruiters cite “fear of rejection,” “fear of seeming unknowledgeable,” and “fear of intrusion” as being impediments to engaging passive candidates. “Compelling Cold Calls,” fully explores the composition and execution of optimized introductory calls to passive candidate prospects – calls that are deliberately constructed to engage prospects in a thoughtful career discussion, and that consistently result in a positive dialogue with candidate prospects.
  • This program is extremely comprehensive, provides 2-full hours of instruction, and includes real-world recordings of highly effective “unfocused” recruiting calls that flat out work. Purchase

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