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Web-Based Recruiter
Training Program

Program Details

ART’s Web-Based Training Program is thoughtfully presented, extremely comprehensive, and built upon proven techniques, strategies and tactical approaches that will give you a true recruiting advantage. Whether you are approaching recruitment from a corporate or a 3rd party agency perspective, and regardless of your experience level, be assured that you will receive a wealth of insightful, pragmatic and readily deployed best practices in five core learning areas, including:

  • Search & Selection Strategy
    • Creating Strategic Relationships With Hiring Authorities
    • Job Description Specification Validation
    • Recruiting & Communications Strategy
    • Expectation Management & Reporting
  • Candidate Identification & Sourcing
    • Active & Passive Recruiting
    • Referral Acquisition Methodologies
    • Transition & On-Boarding Considerations, Etc.
  • Organization & Metrics
    • Daily Planning & Time Management
    • Recruiting Metrics & Performance Analysis
    • Recruiting Tools & Utilities
    • Process Optimization, Etc.
  • Candidate Engagement & Assessment
    • Voicemail & E-Mail Strategies (Elicit More Responses)
    • Proactive Cold-Calling Strategies that Work
    • Screening/Assessment & Interviewing Best Practices
    • Consultative Selling Best Practices
  • Offer Extension & Closing the Deal
    • Offer Negotiation
    • Mitigating Counter-Offer Scenarios
    • Offer Extension & Closing Best Practices
    • Candidate Transition & On-boarding
Advanced Recruiting Trends' Web-Based Recruiter Training Program
Web-Based Recruiter Training Overview – PDF
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Upcoming Training Dates

January 2019 – Successive Thursdays – 10 AM – 12 Noon EST: 1/3, 1/10, 1/17, 1/24, 1/31

February 2019 – Successive Thursdays – 10 AM – 12 Noon EST: 2/7, 2/14, 2/21, 2/28,

March 2019 – Successive Thursdays – 10 AM – 12 Noon EST: 3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28, 4/4

April 2019 – Successive Tuesdays – 10 AM – 12 Noon EST: 4/2, 4/9, 4/16, 4/23, 4/30

May 2019 – Successive Wednesdays – 10 AM – 12 Noon EST: 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 5/29

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“The “High Impact Recruiting” Web Training Program was incredibly helpful. Not only did it teach me important new concepts and recruiting processes, but it also reaffirmed a few of the ideas, principles, and processes I currently use. The content on cold calling, counter-offers, candidate motivators, and building strategic partnerships with hiring managers, was particularly useful. I’m very happy I was able to take this course and have already recommended it to colleagues.”

Sarah Rice, LatinWorks

“This course was extremely beneficial and allowed me to gain a better understanding of impactful recruiting processes. I intend to implement some of the new call scripts that I learned during the sessions, as well as the techniques oriented to proactive sourcing, cold calling, getting calls returned, and referral acquisition. In summary, this program enabled me to get a different/stronger perspective of recruiting.”

Gary Thompson, Bausch & Lomb

“High Impact Recruiting” is tremendous. Paul Siker is an outstanding presenter, and the material covered was totally on target. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their recruiting skills…except for my competitors!”

Jackie Connors, President, The Connors Group

“This program was absolutely worthwhile. Paul Siker is a very dynamic, genuine instructor who has a great ability to connect with participants.”

Agnieszka Gnoinska, Recruiter, Chemonics, Inc.

“The “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-based Training Program was definitely worth my time. I believe we all need to continue to learn and this course was definitely one that was worth the time and energy to take. I gained confidence that I am doing quite a few things correctly but also learned that there are some things I can tweak to get a better overall result. I learned a lot of tools and techniques that I will be able to continue to use.”

Seema Venugopal, Ultramatics

“High Impact Recruiting” is an excellent one-day training event. Anyone who wants to be a “true” recruiter, a “professional” recruiter (corporate, agency, independent) should not deny themselves.”

Don Pitt, Owner, CPC

“This program was extremely worthwhile. You incorporate an array of ‘best practices’, but with a spin for differentiation”

Heather Young, Partner, Avalon Search Partners

Web-Based FAQs

How does the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Recruiter Training Program work?2018-01-03T10:28:54-04:00

The “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program is a live, instructor-led course. Training sessions are typically presented on a weekly basis, over 5 consecutive weeks (Sessions are usually 2-hours in duration).  After purchasing the program, we will ship you a program workbook, as well as detailed program access instructions (the program is facilitated via GoToMeeting).

Why does the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program work?2018-01-03T10:29:01-04:00

Because the The “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program is packaged into two-hour segments, a finite amount of subject matter is addressed during each session, which dramatically enhances content retention.  More significantly, at the conclusion of each training session, program participants have the opportunity to immediately implement the concepts and techniques that they have learned.  Furthermore, course attendees can highlight individual successes or address specific challenges during subsequent training session calls.  In summary, this incremental delivery format enables program participants to more readily retain and deploy key concepts and approaches that are critical to their recruiting success.

What is the philosophy behind the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program?2018-01-03T10:29:11-04:00

Like our other training offerings, the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Recruiter Training Program is designed to comprehensively address critical facets of the recruitment life-cycle and sales process.  The program is predominantly oriented to proactive recruitment methodologies and techniques, and course topic areas are addressed in a top-down format.  This instruction style allows us to highlight the strategic reasons why recruiters are best served by approaching specific components of the recruiting process in a particular manner, as well as how recruiters can deploy tactical best practices that result in heightened recruiting success.

What are representative Subject Matter Areas covered within the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program2018-01-03T10:14:47-04:00
  • Current Market Dynamics & Economic Trends
  • Building & Enhancing Strategic Partnerships With Hiring Authorities
  • Recruiting Frameworks & Holistic Recruitment (Proactive Vs. Passive Approaches)
  • Passive Candidate Sourcing & Acquisition Techniques
  • Proven, Consistent, Candidate Referral Acquisition Techniques
  • Consultative Recruitment & Selling Methodologies – Projecting Your “Brand” Identity
  • Introductory Call Psychology & Avoiding Call Reluctance
  • Voicemail Strategies – Approaches That Elicit More Callbacks & Responses
  • Email Marketing & Communication Strategies That Prompt Candidate Interest/Callbacks
  • Advanced Candidate Introductory Calls & Cold Calling Best Practices
  • Advanced Candidate Networking & Referral Acquisition Strategies
  • Daily Planning, Goal Setting & Performance Measurement
  • Qualifying, Interviewing, and Evaluating Candidates
  • Establishing & Maintaining Actionable Candidate Relationships
  • Understanding, Appreciating & Appropriately Leveraging Candidate Motivators
  • Mitigating Counter-Offer & Turn-Down Scenarios
  • Compensation (Salary/Benefit) Assessment & Negotiation Methodologies
  • Pre-Closing, Offer Closing & Transition (On-Boarding) Strategies
  • And Much, Much More!
How Do I Register?2019-03-05T13:41:56-04:00

Thinking about registering? Smart. Class size is limited, so register early to secure your seat. If you wish to register for the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program and would like to pay for the program via credit card, please click here.

To pay by company check, please contact us to register for the program so that we may obtain accurate billing information.  Again, class size is limited, so we encourage you to register early. If you have questions additional questions about the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program, please call us 540-882-9077 x 101, or contact us by email.

What if I miss one of the training sessions?2017-07-20T14:59:28-04:00

No problem. We recognize that conflicts may arise.  If you have to miss a session, we will either coordinate a make-up class, or provide you with web access to the recorded session that you missed.

How is the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program priced?2019-03-05T13:52:25-04:00

The “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Recruiter Training Program is priced at $729.00 per program participant.  Discounts are available for organizations that wish to register three or more program attendees (contact us for details).

Is this course accredited? Does it provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?2019-03-05T13:52:54-04:00

The “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Recruiter Training Program is certified for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI).  Eligible program participants receive 10.0 CEUs towards maintaining PHR, SPHR, and GPHR designations.

What materials are provided for this training program?2019-03-05T14:11:46-04:00

The “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program comes with a comprehensive workbook (we ship it directly to you).  The workbook will serve as an ongoing resource well after you have completed the course.  Over the duration of the course, the program workbook is supplemented by numerous forms, templates, articles, and other valuable tools that you can access via our Alumni Page.  At the conclusion of the program, all program attendees receive a personalized Certificate of Achievement (suitable for framing, of course!).

How does the program flow? Is it interactive?2018-01-22T10:46:51-04:00

As with all of our programs, the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program is an energized and highly interactive course that is deliberately facilitated to optimize participation.  Also, the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program is designed to be “fun.”  Our instruction and facilitation style ensures that you will not only have the opportunity to learn an array of new ideas and concepts that can tangibly and favorably impact your performance, but that you’ll be wholly engaged while doing it.

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