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Interested in learning techniques and strategies that will directly help you become a more effective and successful recruiter? Advanced Recruiting Trends’ RecruitEDU® Online Recruiter Training Program equips today’s professional recruiter with an outstanding on-demand recruitment training platform that’s grounded in recruiting best practices. RecruitEDU® consists of top-flight recruitment training sessions that will show you how to get the very best results in key areas of the recruiting lifecycle.

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RecruitEDU® is an outstanding training resource for professional recruiters and talent acquisition specialists in all market sectors.


RecruitEDU® covers proactive recruiting techniques that are effective, practical and that flat out work. Program participants learn directly from seasoned recruiting experts. Program sessions clearly demonstrate how to conduct key components of the recruitment process and are supplemented with clear word-tracks, forms, templates and other tools that accelerate recruiting success.

RecruitEDU® is engaging, enlightening, and will help you optimize your performance and realize better results.

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Program List

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1. Facilitating A Great Position In-take Meeting

2. Proactive Candidate Acquisition & Sourcing Strategies

3. Reaping Reference Check Rewards – Using References As A Recruiting Tool

4. Discussing & Qualifying Candidate Compensation Expectations

5. Compelling Cold Calls (Two-Part Session)

6. Optimized Voicemail & Email Strategies

7. Counter-Attacking & Mitigating Counter-Offers

8. Understanding, Engaging, and Recruiting Different Generational Cohorts

9. Putting Time On Your Side – Optimized Planning & Productivity Strategies

10. Crafting Compelling Job Board Postings & Position Descriptions

11. Enhancing The Candidate Pipeline – Referral Acquisition Strategies That Work

12. Exploring, Understanding, and Leveraging Candidate Employment Motivators

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Download RecruitEDU® Program Overview PDF

Recruiter training education course catalog

RecruitEDU® is a comprehensive recruiter training program that is broadly applicable to talent acquisition professionals in all industry sectors and recruiting disciplines. Heavily focused on proactive recruitment methods and built entirely on proven “best practices,” RecruitEDU® is designed to help recruiters at all experience levels improve their overall performance and realize new efficiencies. Regardless of the industry sector or functional discipline for which you recruit, RecruitEDU® will help you to optimize your recruiting results.

Recruitment training

Program modules within RecruitEDU® leverage instructional design best practices. Modules contain pre-session exercises, homework assignments and post-session assessments to maximize learner engagement and improve retention of program content. Each training session is loaded with valuable takeaways, techniques, and strategies that can be deployed immediately, and that will favorably impact recruiting acuity and performance.

Pricing: Annual Single User Subscription – $469.00. Your subscription to RecruitEDU® includes a single user license valid for one-year from the date of purchase. After registering, you will be provided with a link to set-up your RecruitEDU® profile, after which you have unlimited access to view all program content (RecruitEDU® training modules, recordings, workbooks, forms, tools, templates, etc.). For pricing on multiple user packages, please contact us.

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“Just a short note to say that I am really enjoying the RecruitEDU Training Program and although I have been in HR and an Executive recruiter for many years (Canada, US and Middle East), and have been to numerous seminars, attended the “boot-camps,” read the books – blah, blah, blah – I find you and your approach to be a breath of fresh air!! I love your professional approach to the industry and you make so many great points. I am just very impressed and so happy I purchased your program!! Take good care and once again, thank you.”

Kelly Bennett,, Sapphire Group International

“I just finished the RecruitEDU Training Program and it was wonderful.  Paul is a genius and I can’t wait to start applying the tools that I’ve learned in my everyday work.”

Julie Arnaud, South Eastman Health, Manitoba, CA

“Hi Paul, I’m almost finished with the RecruitEDU course, it is fabulous and you are a terrific speaker.  The set up of the course is superb. Seriously, I’ve never met a recruiter like you ever – someone should clone you.”

Tracey Keen, MNP, Consulting, British Columbia, CA

“Hi Paul, Wow! I have been implementing your training for the past few days and it is highly successful and highly effective.  I have utilized your candidate cold calling scripts and also the voicemail message methods and the results are very impressive.  I’m on my way to becoming a much more consultative recruiter. I feel that this was one of my weaknesses as a headhunter which I’m now quickly reconciling.  Once again, very well designed and powerful training.”

Robert Hart, SAR – Hong Kong

RecruitEDU® FAQs

How Exactly Does The RecruitEDU© Training Program Work?2018-01-23T09:27:36-04:00

The RecruitEDU Training Program provides top-flight, highly relevant, online instruction to today’s professional recruiter. RecruitEDU resides within a Learning Management System (LMS) environment, providing users with seamless access to all program content. Each training session addresses a key aspect of the recruitment life-cycle, and equips learners with proven techniques, strategies, and methodologies that are synonymous with effective recruiting. RecruitEDU is a very flexible professional development platform that is intended to fit into your schedule. Program content has been thoughtfully designed; all program sessions are professionally facilitated by seasoned recruiting veterans.

What Are The Benefits Of The RecruitEDU Training Program & What Will I Learn?2018-01-12T15:07:49-04:00

The RecruitEDU Training Program is a contemporary, convenient, comprehensive, and cost-effective online recruitment training program.  Program modules are packed with market-tested strategies, techniques, and recruiting best practices that you can put to work immediately.  Specific benefits include:

  • Training content is accessible from anywhere. Users are provided with access to their own LMS Dashboard so that they can manage and monitor their own progress.
  • No significant disruptions to your work schedule. Program content is available 24/7, allowing you to complete training content on your terms, as your schedule permits.
  • View key training modules repeatedly until key concepts and approaches are mastered.
  • Training program content is entirely oriented to market-tested recruitment “best practices.”
  • The program comes with a comprehensive workbook with supplemental forms and worksheets that become an ongoing resource.
  • RecruitEDU provides exercises and optional homework assignments to help you more successfully deploy what you have learned.
  • The program contains embedded audio examples that demonstrate key calling techniques & methodologies.
  • Professional and engaging instruction and superior customer support and follow-up.
I’ve Never Done Online Training Before – Is There A Satisfaction Guarantee?2018-01-12T15:09:00-04:00

RecruitEDU® is an engaging and comprehensive online/on-demand recruitment training offering.  Your total satisfaction is guaranteed, or we’ll completely refund your purchase.


The RecruitEDU® Training Program can be purchased securely online, and is available on an annual (one-year) subscription basis.  A single user license is priced at $469.00.  Your purchase of the RecruitEDU® Training Program includes:

  • Unrestricted access to all program content for one-year;
  • Detailed course workbook for all training modules;
  • Access to assorted planning tools, forms and templates;
  • Personalized program Certificate of Completion (Upon successful completion of all program elements).
  • A copy of the highly regarded 275-page book “Proactive Recruiting In A War For Talent Economy,”

To Purchase RecruitEDU, please click on the Purchase Now button below. For inquiries regarding multiple user licenses, please contact us.

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