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Advanced Recruiting Trends’ In-House Recruiter Training Programs are custom-built for client organizations that are seeking either an on-site or web-based program that will yield a definitive recruiting advantage.

  • Grounded in proven recruitment best practices.
  • Tailored to address each client’s unique recruitment requirements.
  • Integrates key client recruitment workflows.
  • Aligns with a client’s market sector and position categories.
  • Programs designed for diverse recruiting teams with varying experience levels;
  • Exceptionally comprehensive subject matter and program content areas;
  • Superior facilitation and instruction by top industry trainers & consultants;
  • Engaging program formats, dynamic break-out exercises, and outstanding course materials;
  • All programs qualify for HRCI CEU’s; Programs can also incorporate a Recruiter Certification option.

Every In-House Training Program is built from the ground up. We work in close collaboration with a client’s leadership team from program inception and needs analysis through program delivery and post-program follow-up. We follow this approach to assure that program content aligns with a client’s culture, workflows, and objectives. Our success is consistently borne out in the feedback that we receive from clients and program participants.

In summary, every In-House program is constructed to meet each client’s unique recruitment challenges and goals. ART’s In-House Training Programs equip clients with the most dynamic and comprehensive recruitment training platform available, while also providing an array of content, delivery, and other customization options.

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The “High Impact Recruiting ”© Web-Based Training Program packages our top-flight recruitment training content into live, weekly training sessions – all accessible from the convenience of your office.   The “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program is an engaging, instructor-led, highly interactive learning experience that will help you to realize new efficiencies in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

The “High Impact Recruiting ”© Web-Based Training Program consists of 10+ hours of actual instruction time and is offered in a Five Session Format (5 sessions, 2 hours per session).

ART’s “High Impact Recruiting ”© Web-Based Training Program is thoughtfully presented, extremely comprehensive, and built upon proven techniques, strategies, and tactical approaches that will equip you with a true recruiting advantage.   Whether you are approaching recruitment from a corporate or a 3rd party agency perspective, and regardless of your experience level, be assured that you will acquire a wealth of insightful, pragmatic, and readily deployable best practices in five core learning areas, including:

  • Search & Selection Strategy (Creating Strategic Relationships With Hiring Authorities, Position Specification Validation, Recruiting & Communications Strategy, Expectation Management & Reporting, Etc.)
  • Candidate Identification & Sourcing(Active & Passive Recruiting Channels, Referral Acquisition, Networking & Candidate Pool Construction, Leveraging Social Media, Online Research Tools, Active Collateral, eCampaigns, Etc.)
  • Candidate Engagement & Assessment(Introductory Call Psychology, Highly Intriguing Voicemail/Email Word-Tracks, Proven Introductory Call Approaches, Motivator Assessment, Detailed Candidate Screens & Interviews, Etc.)
  • Candidate Offer Negotiation & Closing(Detailed Compensation Discussions & Salary Negotiations, Pre-Closing Techniques, Mitigating Counter-Offers, Offer Extension & Closing Strategies, Transition & On-Boarding Considerations, Etc.)
  • Organization & Metrics (Daily Planning & Time Management, Recruiting Metrics & Performance Analysis, Tools & Utilities, Process Optimization, Etc.)

The “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program is HRCI Certified.  Eligible program participants receive 10.0 CEUs towards maintaining PHR, SPHR, and GPHR designations.

Based on ongoing participant feedback, we are confident that the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program is the most comprehensive course of its kind. Loaded with content grounded in proven recruitment best practices, and expertly facilitated, you can be assured that the “High Impact Recruiting”© Web-Based Training Program will deliver significant ROI.

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Advanced Recruiting Trends presents its highly acclaimed “High Impact Recruiting”© Training Program in a public seminar format on a monthly basis in the Washington, D.C.  Metro area.   A one-day program, this highly interactive and engaging course is loaded with outstanding content designed to give recruiters in all market-sectors a clear competitive advantage.  If you are looking for a motivating, thought-provoking program that will equip you with new ideas, strategies, and proven best practices that you can put to work immediately, this is the program for you.

“High Impact Recruiting”© is a highly acclaimed recruitment sales training program that adeptly blends consultative selling theory with tactical proactive recruitment best practices, providing today’s recruiters with techniques and strategies to secure a competitive recruiting advantage.

Led by recruiting industry veteran, author, and Advanced Recruiting Trends founder, Paul Siker, “High Impact Recruiting”© is a fast-paced, content-rich, and engaging full-day course that you won’t want to miss.

“High Impact Recruiting”© is designed to address pivotal aspects of the recruitment lifecycle, and is broken down into three core content areas:

  • Candidate Identification & Sourcing: (Best conventional sourcing, internet sourcing, social media, and networking practices for finding people who are directly aligned with your openings);
  • Candidate Engagement & Screening: (Best cold & warm call techniques, voicemail and email messages that elicit significantly greater levels of response. consultative selling and candidate experience approaches that resonate with candidate prospects, and highly effective screening and detailed interview approaches);
  • Candidate Closing & On-Boarding: (Salary negotiation, expectation management, pre-closing, offer-extension, closing, counter-offer mitigation, and on-boarding methodologies).

This course has been designed for recruiting professionals at all experience levels. The program is particularly applicable to recruiters who are seeking an edge in utilizing proactive techniques to source and engage passive candidates, and who are interested in elevating all aspects of the candidate acquisition lifecycle.  Attendees at all experience levels consistently give “High Impact Recruiting”© superior ratings for program content, applicability, and quality of instruction.

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Advanced Recruiting Trends’ RecruitEDU® Online Recruiter Training Program equips today’s professional recruiter with an outstanding on-demand recruitment training platform that’s grounded in recruiting best practices. RecruitEDU is comprised of top-flight recruitment training modules that address essential talent acquisition concepts and approaches that fundamentally yield better results.

RecruitEDU® is a comprehensive recruiter training program that is broadly applicable to talent acquisition professionals in all industry sectors and recruiting disciplines. Heavily focused on proactive recruitment methods and built entirely on proven “best practices,” RecruitEDU® is designed to help recruiters at all experience levels improve their overall performance and realize new efficiencies. Regardless of the industry sector or functional discipline for which you recruit, RecruitEDU® will help you to optimize your recruiting results.

Your subscription to RecruitEDU provides you with a single user license that is good for one-year from the date of purchase. After registering, you will be provided with a link to set-up your RecruitEDU profile, after which you have unlimited access to view program all program content (RecruitEDU training modules, recordings, workbooks, forms, tools, templates, etc.).

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HR Certification Institute

Looking for a great recruiter training program?  Advanced Recruiting Trends offers corporate recruitment teams, third-party agencies, and individual recruiters a variety of options to access the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative recruitment training available.  We are thrilled that our clients consistently rank ART’s training offerings to be the professional development program of choice.  All of our training programs and courses are eligible for HRCI CEU credits.


“This program was extremely worthwhile. You incorporate an array of ‘best practices’, but with a spin for differentiation”

Heather Young, Partner , Avalon Search Partners

“As a staffing firm owner, I am particularly interested in training solutions that provide my people with tangible approaches and solutions throughout the recruiting lifecycle. It was clear that your program more than accomplished this objective. Thanks for producing an outstanding training program.”

Robert Caulfield, Worldkey Consulting

“In response to a LinkedIn inquiry about books on recruiting): “I’m going to guess this is for a recruiter trying to get more tips/tactics? There are several I have personally read, and they are relevant to the current age. Some books, while good, have been out longer and might not be as relevant (i.e. Winning the Talent Wars – Bruce Tulgan – Although still a great book! The others I referred to are: 101 Strategies for Recruiting Success by Christopher Pritchard, Proactive Recruiting (In a War For Talent Economy) by Paul Siker
PS – If you ever have the opportunity to go to a seminar by Paul Siker, drop whatever you are doing and go see him. Brilliant and captivating is all I can say.”

Pete Radloff, CIR – Senior Technical Recruiter, comScore, Inc.

“The “High Impact Recruiting” Series was well worth my time, and I learned that I am on track with respect to the direction towards which I am moving my team of recruiters. This course will help my team become better at proactive vs. reactive recruiting, and better understand cutting edge techniques. Overall, the program was great – I wouldn’t change anything.”

Doreen Schefer, Director of Human Resources, Aquilent, Inc.

“The course was absolutely worthwhile. I learned some great approaches to identifying passive candidates. Excellent facilitator with a great sense of humor. Very relaxed environment.”

Caroline Wolf, Senior Recruiter, Celerity IT

“Paul – So I thought I would send you an email to let you know that from using your tactics, and implementing them with my persona, I have found much success. I acquired 8 new clients this week, contract signed and ready to begin. Many thanks!”

Kevin Romer, Recruiter, EDP Resources

“I found the High Impact Recruiting Series to be very beneficial.  I enjoyed the ease of the webinar format, and Paul does a great job keeping the information interesting and engages the student rather than just lecture the entire time. I think that the program is particularly relevant to those recruiters who are looking for new ideas beyond passive recruiting (job boards, etc.).”

Erik Leopard, Recruiter, Methodist Health

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