• In addition to creating and facilitating high-end recruitment and talent acquisition training programs, client organizations have come to rely on ART as a reliable consulting partner capable of effectively addressing complex recruitment and human resource project efforts.  Sample project initiatives include:
  • Recruitment Process Definition/Design:  ART has designed and reviewed talent acquisition processes for various organizations.  For a global energy and mining company, ART was chartered to analyze, evaluate, and document existing recruitment processes, as well as identify opportunities for new recruiting efficiencies and streamlined workflows.  ART designed two distinct recruitment matrices for exempt & non-exempt personnel that aligned with stated client objectives, and incorporated appropriate policies, procedures, and service level agreements among all recruitment stakeholders.

  • Career Ladder & Job Family Design:  ART has consulted on the creation and implementation of complex workforce organizational structures, career ladders, and job families.  For a world renowned children’s hospital, ART was engaged to evaluate and design a comprehensive suite of Job Families (for the hospital’s 550+ person IS function), and a flexible career progression architecture that aligned with the organization’s IS business portfolio.  This project entailed facilitating departmental focus groups around career growth and development issues; interviewing peer entities to evaluate workforce structures in similar institutions; documenting 20+ distinct Job Families; and aligning, updating, and streamlining over 120 unique position descriptions. The project also entailed working with the hospital’s compensation team to validate salary thresholds, documenting promotional guidelines and policies, and collaborating with senior leadership to facilitate program roll-out, communications, and training for all staff.  ART completed this project on schedule, under budget, and to the complete satisfaction of the client.

  • Recruiter Compensation Plans/Career Path Structures:  For multiple client organizations, ART has consulted on compensation and incentive structures specific to talent acquisition professionals in both in-house and 3rd party settings.  Additionally, ART has consulted to talent acquisition organizations on career path and titling structures.

  • Succession Planning & Execution: Advanced Recruiting Trends has supported a variety of clients in formulating strategic succession plans, and has also provided guidance and advisory services to search committees working to fill mission critical positions. Succession plans provide organizations with a clear-cut strategy on pending leadership transitions and provide for greater business continuity. ART has also facilitated succession search assignments through it’s sister company, The Artisan Group, Inc.

  • Recruiter Interview & Assessment Strategies:  As has been well-documented, the cost of a mis-hire is substantial, resulting in lost productivity, wasted resources, and opportunity costs associated with having to rehire and retrain a new employee.  For multiple client organizations, ART has provided counsel on effective interview and assessment strategies for evaluating prospective recruiter/talent acquisition candidates.   A thoughtful and effective hiring process helps organizations to ensure that they are getting the right individuals into the right roles.

  • Position Definition & Position-Specific Marketing Collateral:  For multiple client organizations, ART has facilitated the design and documentation of detailed job descriptions and outlined responsibilities, requirements, and critical success factors inherent to new and/or complex positions.  This work is often completed for positions that reside within an organization’s leadership ranks.  ART has also produced comprehensive position overviews and descriptions that incorporate organizational employment branding and related selling messages.

  • Candidate Pool Assessment/Vetting:  ART has delivered external candidate vetting services to organizations seeking an impartial, yet highly focused, assessment of candidate pools for mission-critical positions.  This process provides clients with an objective evaluation matrix based on key position criteria, as well as a detailed overview of candidate attributes, abilities, and accomplishments.  Clients often utilize this service when dealing with a mission critical role, or when dealing with a position where multiple internal and external candidates are in consideration.

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