• Talk to any high performing professional, and you are likely to discover that they regularly communicate with trusted advisors who help them to realize their full potential.
  • Advanced Recruiting Trends offers tailored professional coaching & mentoring programs to Recruiting and Human Resource professionals seeking to leverage an ongoing resource that can favorably impact on-the-job performance.

Training Benefits

  • There are numerous reasons why professionals in virtually all industry sectors are increasingly opting to take advantage of the benefits associated with having a professional coach or mentor.  Within recruiting and talent acquisition, these include:
  • Post Training Program follow-up, goal-setting, problem solving, and support;

  • Spot training on highly specific subject matter areas;

  • Recurring performance analysis, and feedback;

  • Impartial input on situational recruiting issues or strategic recruiting initiatives;

  • Ongoing dialogue with an industry/domain expert capable of serving as an unbiased sounding board;

  • A reliable resource with broad exposure and perspective on both In-House and 3rd Party trends;

  • “Train-The-Trainer”sessions, or content/subject matter input on internally facilitated recruitment training initiatives;

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